Research Centre in Preventive Medicine


  • Development of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.
  • Identifying risk factors of the environment and their correlation with indicators of health and illness from specific public health issues.
  • Quantifying the risk caused by environmental factors identified the population.
  • Developing strategies for informing and training people in understanding the meaning of a "healthy lifestyle".
  • Scientific knowledge through research of experimental pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases with high impact in the population and their correlation with factors in the environment.
  • Achieve collaboration with other research institutions in the country and abroad and carry out exchanges of experience and joint projects.



The Research Center for Studies in Preventive Medicine (CSMP) is a professional and scientific, non-profit, unincorporated organisation, operating within the XXIXth Department of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara.

Center Address:
Institute of Public Health "Prof. Dr. Leonida Geogescu "
Bul. Victor Babes nr. 16, cod 300226 Timisoara,
location of the Discipline of Hygiene of UMF Timisoara.


Research priorities


Main Projects

“Risk Behaviors within the Young Population in the West Area of Romania”, CNCSIS Grant type A code CNCSIS 1167/2003, 2003-2005 Director: Prof. dr. Vlaicu Brigitha

“Stochastic Modeling of The Effect of Meteorological Factors Modifying The Risk of Airway Diseases due to Air Pollution in Turnu-Severin”, Romanian-German cooperation in Science and Technology Protocol, MOE 04/R70, 2005-2006
Director: Conf. dr. Petrescu Cristina

Interdisciplinary research programs, participation with other collective research university in research grants on topics of research.


Educational Programs

University Curricula

Postgraduate education programs



Research Centre in Preventive Medicine

Prof. univ. Dr. Brigitha VLAICU

Institute of Public Health “Prof. Dr. Leonida Georgescu” 
Departament of Hygiene

300226 Timişoara
Bul. Victor Babeş nr.16
Tel/Fax: +40-256-492101